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CIS - Fast vacuum packing machine 1

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Fast vacuum packing machine 1

│ Features │

- A transparent body with an upper vacuum chamber and vacuum-packaging process design can visually check.
- All operations are controlled automatically by a microprocessor designed so anyone can easily use.
- Small and light, can be easily installed anywhere any time.
- BOX-shaped design and a stainless steel exterior handle with built-in state machine is always clean and has been designed to be used.
- If necessary, GAS (N2, CO2, O2) can be attached to the injection device. (Optional)
- Supermarkets, restaurants, butchers, food suitable for use in manufacturing companies.
- Outfitting operations in the form of two vacuum chambers which are excellent because the capacity.
- Vacuum chamber, made ​​of stainless steel body and a hygienic and easy to clean.
- Stable design as circuit design, and a reasonable structure and is equipped with sufficient durability in harsh environments.
- Meat, fish paste, ham, sausage, pickles and other food-related companies, chemicals, industrial parts, such as dealing with the general industry and supermarkets, and department stores can be used in a wide range of retailers.

│ Specifications │


Inner diameter430(W) X 490(L) X 170(H)
Outside diameter490(W) X 580(L) X 570(H)