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CIS - Limited taping machine

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Limited taping machine

│ Features │

- CARTON BOX supply automatic forming, sealing the ground and discharged by the central control system of the entire process is fully automatic taping machine consisting of a high-performance All-in-one is made​​.

- There is no minimum noise structure is smooth and perfect the mechanism for automatic jeham work.

│ Specifications │


Product Size(L)1000, (W)890, 
PASS (H)650~900 TOTAL (H)1780
Package SizeMAX w580,h640 w400 h400,L600
MIN w520,h400 w220 h100,L300
Standard conversion methodHANDLE
Production rateMAX. 10 box/minute
Machine weight156kg
Air SupplyMAX. 490kpa(5kgf/cm²)
Power SupplyThree-phase 220V, 60Hz, 1.5kW